b/w stripes

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  • 32cm (width) x 46cm (height)
  • unique item
  • soft touch texture on the inside
  • black and white stripes panel


All allrounder upcraft bags have fixed position handles, the edges of the bags have been folded and stitched, and on the back there is a sealing ring as design feature which can be used to attach keys, umbrella and other gadgets. The upcraft label can be found within the left stitching edge of the front. In addition, there is a pocket on the inside of the bag for mobile phone and purse. On this inside pocket an upcraft label including washing instructions can be found.

Black and white stripes on the front base panel are the highlight of this upcraft allrounder bag. The texture on the inside is extremely smooth. With the size of 32cm in width and 46cm in height this upcraft bag is the perfect allrounder for many occasions and limited to three pieces.

close up