denim lover

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  • 39cm (width) x 46cm (height)
  • 6cm (depth)
  • unique item
  • update your wardrobe
  • favourite denim jeans panel
  • blue inside lining
  • inside pocket


This unique upcraft weekender bag is a result of our feature update your wardrobe. The front base panel of blue denim was once a customer’s favourite pair of jeans. Instead of discarding the jeans, they have been incorporated within this elegant and ethical upcraft bag. To keep the design of the bag minimalistic and clean, the denim has been combined with a dark blue fabric, which has a shiny and sleek texture. The matching inside lining in blue is made from a fabric similar to suit jacket lining.

All upcraft weekender bags have an easy to reach inside pocket, ideal for phones or purses. On this inside pocket there is an upcraft label including washing instructions. Another upcraft label can be found within the left stitching edge of the front. The base is 6cm in depth.

Further upcraft weekender bags have changeable handles to provide flexibility. The fabric of the standard handle is the same as the main textile of the bag. Other handles can be purchased in the category up-handles. This particular upcraft weekender bag is a one-off.


close up