classy black

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  • limited edition
  • vary the size
  • soft touch base panel
  • black inside lining
  • inside pocket


With the adjustable bags from upcraft, you have the flexibility to vary the size of your bag by altering the handles to a higher or lower position. Further you can add a touch of elegance and quality by substituting the regular handle for one of our premium up-handles. The fabric of the standard handle is the same as the main textile of the bag.

size big:
37cm (width) x 46cm (height)
10cm (depth)

size small:
37cm (width) x 33cm (height)
10cm (depth)

For this particular upcraft adjustable we have used three different fabrics. The main fabric, on the front upper panel and the back is usually being used to tailor the finest suits. This material is sleek to touch and it has a very classy appearance in black. The front base panel is made from a grey fabric with a soft texture. The matching inside lining in black is made from a fabric similar to suit jacket lining.

This upcraft bag has an easy to reach inside pocket, ideal for phones or purses. On this inside pocket there is an upcraft label including washing instructions. Another upcraft label can be found within the left stitching edge of the front. This particular upcraft bag is limited to five pieces.

close up