shared visions are driving force

upcraft is an innovative upcycling brand that combines design, art and handcraft to transform high quality surplus materials from diverse industries into stylish design accessories. The brand will appeal to lovers of tasteful minimalism and craftsmanship.

The founders, Sabine Kohloeffel and Michael Speichert, met while studying Communication Design in the south of Germany at a beautiful place called Lake Constance.

Soon both realized that they had a shared passion for clean, simple and elegant designs, along with a mutual desire to use ethical creativity in response to environmental concerns. They then decided to fashion a brand where design and excellence would be paramount, whilst using quality materials that would otherwise be discarded.

The founders’ distinct design skills complement each other. Sabine is an approved women’s wear fashion designer and master tailor and has had experience of working with fashion labels such as Vivienne Westwood (London), Wolford (Austria), Barbara I Gongini (Copenhagen) and many more.

Michael, on the other hand, specializes in corporate identities and web design and has worked as a freelance graphic designer for international clients in Sydney, Zurich and Amsterdam. Furthermore, he has had the pleasure of working at design studios such as ‘karlssonwilker inc.’ (New York City) and ‘Build in Amsterdam’ (Amsterdam).

upcraft products are created with 100% upcycled materials. To help reduce the amount of industrial waste, upcraft utilizes off-cuts sourced from top quality manufacturers. These include fabrics from a superior Swiss tailoring company and textiles from a reputable German soft-furnishing producer.

Unlike many other upcycling labels, most of these materials are brand new and are simply the remainders from the cutting process, which would otherwise be discarded.

The amount of waste that is produced by many modern industries is senseless. Nowadays it is more important than ever that companies and individuals are encouraged to take responsibility for conserving resources and safeguarding the environment.

At upcraft, all parts of the production process respect the principles of sustainability. The design of an upcraft bag, for example, is kept simple and minimalistic, maintaining style, whilst generating little waste. For us at upcraft, ‘sustainable production’ means focusing on the welfare of the environment – rather than the economy.

upcraft signifies quality and design. Created by the German designers, Sabine Kohloeffel and Michael Speichert, all of our products are handcrafted in a small creative studio in the south of Germany. To enable upcraft to ensure the highest quality of the products, as well as the design, every step of the process – from the selection of the fabrics to the screen-printed labels – is overseen by the designer duo.

Some of the remnants and off-cuts that upcraft use are so limited that only one product can be produced. This increases the integrity of the product and ensures that the customer has a very special and exclusive item.

Some bags offer the option to change the handle to a special upcraft handle called the ‘up-handle’. These handles are made of buttons, zippers or other left-over materials. The up-handle complements the quality and elegance of your bag.

With the adjustable bags from upcraft, you can vary the size of your bag together with the handles. For additional flexibility, handles or straps can be altered to a higher or lower position. This adaptability gives you a product that can be used for many different occasions.